Hi new to this site. Are there rules about where and where not one is able to use a metal detector

Hi new to this site. Are there rules about where and where not one is able to use a metal detector

In theory you should only detect for gold on public fossicking spots or gold claims you own / have permission to detect on.

I’ve found that you get stange looks when detecting at a funeral

So that the same for treasure hunting? can one go to parks and beaches etc.

Private Land - Seek and gain permission
Sportsfields - Generally best left alone on the actual playing surfaces, edges fine if you ensure minimal disturbance (I avoid grass in summer)
Historic reserves, Pa, Heritage sites etc - No Go
Beaches and Public reserves - Go for it.

awesome many thanks. Always best to make sure we are abiding by the recommended guidelines. Suzy.

I bet LOL best you
stay clear

To clarify - By “Treasure Hunting”, I am assuming you mean wading through bags of can tabs, foil seals off energy drink bottles and shredded ali cans for an occasional glint of silver or gold jewellery? If you’re after native gold, then all you usually need to worry about is lead shot pellets and claim holders.

yes I have heard about the trash as well as treasure. all part of the hunt I guess.

Needless to say you should always fill in your hole afterwards…replant turf sods…fertilize and water so it looks like you were never there…or you will give detectorist a bad name…or worse name…lol!

When I use this method, I cannot even see where I’ve dug.
But in summer brown lines do show up in a few days, so I do water then.

ive been told not to go into cemeteries but when I did I got a lot of gold mainly teeth


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Now, now Keith. You don’t want to give him any ideas.
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I have often wondered what happens to gold teeth when you get cremated . gold dosnt burn so do you end up with a bit of molten gold at the bottom of grannies urn of ashes?

Same with metal plates I would of thought.

Having scattered both parents ashes I never found any such metals.

Bet they screed them out before you get them back.

Drifting off topic now…

A quick google indicates it’s very much a grey area…

Articles cover various areas as to who actually owns it, whether next of kin specifically request, and an ‘organised’ crematory group of employees onselling the gold…

Bulk of material indicates gold (teeth) are typically in the region of “only $50” per individual, but when cremating several a day…over a few years…

Titanium implants were another often un-thought of aspect brought up.

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