Hi! New here, really keen to get into metal detecting

Hi there, nice to meet you all! Young fella looking to get into detecting for relics, coins and rings.

Wondering what you guys think is the best store in Auckland to have a nosey around to look for a beginner metal detector. Could not find much online just really expensive ones. My budget is around 200 - 500$ what would be the best brand for me to go with, and one that’s algood on the beach as my German Shepherd will be joining me on my hunts.

Or even 2nd hand from someone on here?

Thanks in advance! Any tips appreciated. HH

If you are thinking new, the Minelab Go series has been good to me and folds down, leaving room for the dog in your car. But frankly, I listed two heritage sites with a seriously entry detector, sometimes it is the other awareness of things, like when to stop, where to go or not go, when to call the cops or hand them your finds, not the power of the detector, that maketh the detecting experience.I bought online.

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Look on Trademe for a second hand Goldbug or an Equinox

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Hmm they do look good, thankyou. I’m looking at the go find 44 and 66. Is there much difference between the two? Seems like just a technology upgrade maybe?

Yeah I bet, location and researching will be very important. Will be on top of the list of to do

Thanks mate,


Will do! Thankyou and maybe a pinpointer

I did not know of the Go Find range but looked just now and they are Minelab so could be good for your purpose. I have yet to hear any bad comments about Minelab. I would go to the range of your budget and do your own research to decide what is best for you but in the end try to get a good second hand one. I got a near new Gold Monster on Trademe for $800 I think it was or maybe $850. It was brand new in that he had taken it out briefly to give it a try, needed money, so he sold it and I saved $300 plus on the list price.

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Yeah neither I have only heard good things. Okay thanks :slight_smile:

Oh nice that was a good deal. Havnt found much on trade me yet but I will keep looking… lots of bloody new knock of cheapies with no brand :confused: definitely keep an eye for 2nd hand ones

If you are able to hold off for a couple of months the Minelab Vanquish will be hitting the market. There are four models. The 340 should be in your price range, at the top end. It will be ten times better than the gofind series. And not far below the Equinox Minelab series. In my view and that of many others it will be the best entry level detector ever. Multi IQ. Easy to use etc. There are three NZ firms that sell mine lab products. Jacobs Digital . Dredge NZ (Daniel Gerber ) and Detect NZ. My advice hold off and go for the Equinox, you wont be disappointed.

Cheers Trev

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Yeah I’m too egar to get out there. I wish I could wait haha. Want to buy in a week or two. Eill keep that in mind tho for an upgrade later on. Yup thanks was just looking at dredge nz


I wonder if this is allowed to be borrowed…Little can be huge*

Hi Jordan you also might wanna check out the “simplex” sounds like it’s gonna be a great entry machine and is fully water. Not out yet but aren’t far away apparently.

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Agree with CosmoCoinage…study up on the new Nokta/Makro Simplex. I believe the price is going to be around USD$299…unbelievably cut throat price for what is going to be a very competitive all round water proof detector. Meanwhile, spend time watching Youtube, sussing out what brand pinpointer, and gathering up digging tools to cool your feet. What part of the country are you in?

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Hm yeah that does catch the eye, I like the sound of that! I am currently in Auckland, and have family around the Waikato. My parents own a farm that my grandparents used to own since they were young… so keen to get a detector out there, who who’s what I’ll find

OK here is an opinion based on some experience.
I recomend the MD-3005 mk2, which is one of the cheap no-name chinese brands on trademe. It is cheap and nasty but it works really well, and will keep you happy until you know wether you want to spend several hundred.
See my post about this in the "Equipment’ category.

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Gday, I’ve just upgraded so my Garrett 400i is up for sale! A brilliant machine, found 20 plus silvers in a local reserve…
Grrat condition, 2 year’s old. $500 because I know the bug won’t leave you until you go out for your first dig!

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Oh! Nice really keen… wish I could afford right now. How much use has it had over those 2 years, any malfunction? If you could put aside for me I’ll happily pay abit extra… I’m a student haha

Oh yes I do see those ones they look not bad, will have a think about that. Thankyou

Gday, a fair bit of use, but treat it like a good friend, kept out of frosts and hot vehicles, doesn’t get to drink my whisky however…
No damage at all and working exactly as it did when I bought it.
Yep I’ll hold it for you. Located in central otago.

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Awesome, thankyou. Can you message me a picture of it?

You did say your budget, at the top end, was $500. Which is what salcrete101 offered it to you for. Good luck with it.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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