Hi all new comer

Can I frossick on any north land beach or what. As in take a bucket of black sand take home and put through sluice. Thank you in advance. I cant see any exsisting claims

There are no public Frossicking :joy: (fossicking) areas in the North Island. So basically it is a no no. But hey…rules are made to be broken. Just be stealth & keep a low profile. Shhhh…did I say that??

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Can I get a prospecting permit? Or just go for it. Permits look like I’d be paying the buricrates. I hate paying buricrates

From a hobby perspective, unless you are already rich & have money to burn, just not worthwhile & you will most likely be fighting a losing battle. They will of course take your money for trying. Depends on what your motivation is in finding gold. If it is for the money, you will spend way more in just trying to find it than you will more than likely make from it. That is just from a hobby perspective let alone going down a business path. From a hobby perspective it is more for the love & passion of just doing it & getting out in nature having adventures. Like I said, just be stealth & keep a low profile. Many people wouldn’t be too perturbed if you were just panning or sluice boxing, but there are some who love the power trip & will dob you in because that is the type of people they are. The Coro is full of those sorts. Just clean up after yourself, back fill any holes you have created.etc. Just common sense stuff so you don’t attract unwanted attention by any environmental impact your activities might have. Legally you aren’t supposed to be doing anything of the sort. Take nothing but photos & leave nothing but footprints is their motto. The risk though is all with you. Good luck.

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Thankyou . Rambo it is. Without the explosives.

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