Hi all, anyone for a beer in Southland?

Morning everyone,

I’ve just moved to Southland and I’d be keen to meet some local enthusiasts over a beer, coffee, what have you.



Hi hans were you the guy working the nokomai river?

Heya, nope, wasn’t me, all I’ve done down here is go for a few walks up some valleys.

Where abouts(roughly) are ya Hans? Im just a bit south of gore.

Lumsden-ish, but I work just a bit south of Gore, so that’s easy enough…

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Cool… id be keen for a pint towards the end of the month… (apocalypse allowing)

Sounds good. Things will get busy for me from September on, so that’s pretty much ideal.

hehehehe… me too… new job starts in sept… you?

Yup, I bet it’s for the same company too.

got an odd feeling we interviewed on the same day too… ahh good times!!