Here we go again..lockdown

Will be interesting to see how much gold gets found in the next 3days…:thinking:…lucky I just put new mats in my sluice…:wink:…good luck all


XD yeah, might go prospecting in our creek (its man made in Canterbury so no gold) just because I put some conctrate through the sluice once and I might find a spec or two I lost lol.

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You are supposed to be staying home.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Just need a bit of exercise, might go crazy otherwise (crazier I should say)…but yes am following the rules…:hugs:

Me too. I would love nothing more than to jump in my truck & drive off to go detecting. I know I can go to numerous places & would not see another soul all day.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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You know where you can come…tomorrow. Am in Auckland about to fly down.

Hope you aren’t showing any symptoms from your “visit” to Auckland. :grimacing:

Beautiful day to be up the hill today too…bugger. :cry:

Maybe when this is over?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

The moment it is over - I had a cold before and went there and still got it but no bad bugsies - nothing that fly spray wont cure. I came down last night and escaped any of the places of interest by a wide margin as I was more or less stuck at friends homes ‘socializing’. The only place of interest I went was MY place of interest.

I am ready to go any time you want.

Lockdown reading …found this on line. Explains all the Maori Creeks and gullies o
No. 17 maori miners.pdf (490.6 KB)
ut there.


Got out for a detect today.
2 silvers. Awesome RSA badge

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RSA badge should be identifiable as to owner or family. What is the number on it please?

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Hi Lammerlaw

12 / 4552

Thanks for your input.

Herbert Edward Waters

His mother came from Geraldine and he was a carpenter in Civilian life.

Embarked 11th April 1916 aboard either HMNZT (His Majestys New Zealand Troopship) 49 which was the Tahiti or HMNZT 50 which was the Maunganui.

Went as a Private in the 11th Reinforcements, A Company, Auckland Infantry Battalion, NZEF.

Full details here -

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Thank you so much Lammerlaw, I was wondering how to get this information.
I would be happy to return it to his family if they can be traced.
Cheers P