Help with ruby identification and indication of price

Hello community, I need help with my ruby, it weighs at 460gms, 60mm height, width base 55mm? I’ve be

en told $10 I’ve had this for years and was given a lovely box with large quartz crystals, lapus and other gems which through the years have gifted to friends. Before shows like Gem hunters🙄

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Having spent a lot of times in shops selling minerals, I would guess anywhere between $50-70 retail price would be fair.

It is a lovely specimen - the best i have seen and I for one would pay a bit more than $10. I think it is worth more than that.

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you, Yes, I agree. I have researched but thought it best to ask the Paydirt community for feedback as I have seen much smaller Rough ruby gems sold for more than $10. I will take it to get Identification of origin. Much appreciated