Help! with advice please

Howdy all, husband & wife team looking to work on a claim. Little bit of money behind us for a new 4’ or 6’ keene, pathetic amount of experence, just holidays with a pan & box. Making enough to pay the bills is all we are after. Getting our own claim with no experence seems a waste of time. This bug wont leave our system till we have given it a go. Any ideas or info would be a great help, thanks.
Hec & Hayley.

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Hi H & H,

I’d love to work on a claim in NZ, too. No way at the moment, so. But some thoughts.
First I would look for a claim of my own. Check out, do tests and get the right one. No one reasonable will give you a chance to dredge on a good claim they own. They’d do it themselfes. So, get your own.
Keene is very wellknown .for there dredges. I own two of them. (3" and 5") Still I would not work with this technic nowadays.
I developted a new “sluice”, working on the “fluid-bed-system”. It is much cheaper, easier to transport and handle and has better recovery of course gold. You still need a good pump, a float, diving equipment.
But you don’t need to transport and handle a bulky sluicing system. The power of the engine is used more efficiently as the material has not to be lifted above surface.
Contact me if you want more information. I can’t be at hand immediately as I’m from Germany. NZ is one of the places I’m looking forward to vistit.

Take care and good luck,

give me a call for some advice 021535768

What part of the country you in?

Wairarapa at the moment. Moving south when we find somwhere to dig.