Help wanted please

Hi everyone.
I’ve just had a friend contacted me, his mum has just lost a family ring in their garden.
He wanted to borrow my detector, but I’ll have to break it down and ship it to him.
Before doing that, I thought I would see if there was anyone around the Tarradale, Napier area who would be willing to help?
Many thanks

Do a google for NZ Ringfinders - There’s a few dotted around, fairly sure there’s a guy in the Napier area.

Thank you, I’ll do that now

Seems that their website is no longer working, just contactable through Facebook, which I’m not on.
I’ll try another route, thanks again.

If you Google ring finders nz. And scroll down on the results the organisers tony (taupo) and Ians (Auckland) cell phone numbers show up.
Or just click on their face book page even without a fb account of your own tonys email and phone will show.

Thanks again, I keep you all posted.