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Help holiday play with kids in central otago

Hi I’m lookping for a spot where I can take the kids on a day trip where I can use a Keene highbanker.just an easy access driveable beach somewhere i can put some shovels throught the high banker and try get the kids some flood gold does anyone have a claim we could jump on happy to pay in a little cash or beers etc

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not central otago but claim owner at danseys pass camping ground will let you on his claim for a small fee. easy access at camp and a few other areas. if you are interested you might need to contact the camp ground because I think its only pans and sluice

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danseys pass was or is a great place used to take my kids there years ago. many years ago. still some gold to be have as well.

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I’m going to be at my claim next 3 days. It’s in the Lindus mp60076, easy access. Ring tonight to find out where to go.

Thank you for the offer but I don’t finish work till the 31st so won’t be down to the start of the new year good luck tho