Hello fellow bleepers

Soilsurfer here, kind of a new/old member just saying g’day and maybe bump into you out there. Take it easy.

Heh there SoilSurfer welcome. I,m pretty much in the same boat, having just bought a x-terra 705 and getting active on this forum again. I,m rapt with the 705, only thing is I gotta figure out how to run the thing properly!! Been doing ok with the odd good target found but jeez there,s a heap of tear tabs in the ground !!
Good Luck

Cheers XTG yeah you can read all the books and manuals but nothing beats countless hours trying to understand your machine and what she’s screaming at you over & over again! Good luck out there man.

How’s it going where abouts are you based

Hey guys. Thought I’d join in on this discussion as I’m new too.

Just bought my first metal detector X-terra 505. Went out this morning for the first time with it, bunch of junk and some sinkers, cleaning up the beach though eh… glad I found some stuff though all the same!

Might try and get out again tomorrow first thing… cheers

My Booty So Far
Still finding out how to run the 705 to its capability ! Many more hours ahead of me I think.
Not sure what the silver plated thingy is but the opening has a flaired edge, maybe where a cork or stopper of some kind went. I get out as much as I can, read as many articles and watch YouTube to try and get as much info as I can about detecting.


Hey there Chris, I’m a Hagley basher from way back…gotta luv ChCh.

By the looks of it you are doing exceedingly well!! Probably better than you think you are…the silver tube I think has something to do with an early engine maybe valve cover or similar? I’ve found a couple myself.

Go hard PGB you never know what might pop out of the earth!

Hi, I Think that chrome plated thing might be a model T Ford valve stem cover, if you google it you’ll see they are quite simmilar, GL & HH

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Heh there wisky18, yep you are exactly right. I took it to my 93 yr old father and he recognised it straight away as a valve stem cover. You live and learn.
Cheers X-terragold

Don’t know why, but when valve stem covers were first mentioned, I was thinking engine valves and what? How? sort of conundrums… :wink:

This makes much more sense

Well the picture tells it all really. There is a threaded portion inside so it screws onto the valve. Only noticed the threaded bit once I had given it a good clean ! The things you find ay, this is what I find enjoyable about detecting you just never know what might show up !!
Cheers X-terragold

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your welcome. GL & HH