Hello and a question about a rock

Hey All,

New to the forum but glad i found it as keen to learn from others,

Would anyone know of a book that describes NZ’s rocks and minerals?

Wondering if these are goodletite? and the other an agate?

found in a South Canterbury River


This group can answer all your questions.


As far as I know there is a strip of land 1kl wide approx around Hoki. Stretches to the Alps. It’s the only area Goodletite will be found. I had a good chat with the guy who knows everything to know about it in Hoki. I got a ring off him which he made. Unfortunately for him he was ripped off big time by a lot of people. The reddish stone could be Leader stone.

Hi J,
I dont know anything about Goodletite, but regularly use a Minerals website for identifying rock samples and sites called Mindat.org See: https://www.mindat.org/min-7549.html
Which does state the Hokitika site and shows a couple of raw samples. All are heavily speckled with purple and the last sample looks simular to yours, so maybe?

If from South Canterbury it will not be Goodletite. The small rock with the dark crimson red is Jasper. The pinky rock looks a little like Rhodonite but I doubt it. It coukd also be a light Jasper but I suspect that it is something else. One really needs to see them face to face unless they are glaringly obvious.