Hearing Aids - Anyone found one?

Been asked to do a search for a hearing aid (!)
Concerned there may not be enough meat to it to get picked up by the coil.
It’s a turf search but will be under that dastardly Kikuyu thatch, so looking at probably an effective 5-8cm depth.

Anyone found one previously, or maybe has access to someone who doesn’t mind you waving a coil around their noggin to try it out? :thinking:

Apparently these things are on the “You have to be joking!” scale of expense which the guy can’t afford to replace.

(He lost the other one last year, so people will be shouting at him until I can find this one! )


There’s nothing quite like a challenge! Can’t say I’ve ever found one or recall ever seeing one on ‘show and tell’ (but my memory is shot…as I think you have probably worked out)

Inability to hug the earth sounds like it will cause a problem. I would have thought there would be enough metal inside to detect although I’m guessing lots a very fine types, which could make for an interesting signal. If you can get hold of one and get a reading on it, this could be a big help…mmmmm you don’t have a rest home nearby do you?
Good luck

Yep, I can do the test tomorrow morning, got lots of kikuyu around too.
Pretty sure they have enough signal to pickup. I’ll test with a pointer and 6" mono, as well.

Hi All

This is interesting. So just got hold of a hearing aid battery. And did some tests using my Minelabs.
Very interesting results indeed. Considering the battery has a metal case.
CTX3030 just didn’t want to know it. Not a murmer.
Xterra 705. Only wanted to know it in Prospect Mode. Two inches at best.
GoFind60. Did the best of all at around two and a half inches.

Quite amazing the cheapest Detector did the best.

My theory is the electrical charge inside the battery over-rides the detection capability. IE Interferes with the currents put out by the Detector, both send and receive.

Wish I had a whole hearing aid unit to try on. There must be some circuitry inside them, that would chirp.But then again, my electrical charge theory once again kicks in. Like I said an interesting topic.

Oh well I have done my bit. Interesting to see other Detectors results on these hearing aids.

Cheers Trev

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I made the mistake of asking, now owner of hearing aide is freaking out about the magnet inside being damaged (despite knowing nothing about induction/magnetic fields etc) :rage:
I might be able to do the test this afternoon, she wants a second opinion (of person who thinks wood is a conductor).

I can try a battery to see if I get different results.

Cheers Trev :+1:
I think hearing aid batteries only last about a week or so, so may be flat by now.
This could be an advantage if, as you suggest, the circuitry may interfere. Will be hunting all metal as max sensitivity so see how it goes.

I remember finding a speaker magnet with the old SeaHunter MK1 and the mag field sucked all the life out of the threshold - so much so I had to did it just to find out what the heck was causing it!

Hoping to narrow the search area down to a couple of dozen square metres

Heading out tomorrow to have a crack. After much debate between him and his wife, they finally agreed on where it was lost, down to about a 5m square :slight_smile:
Here’s hoping.

5x5 sounds encouraging enough, although depending on terrain could still be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. … And that’s if the hearing aid is actually in the haystack. Good luck

Was a bust. Council mower had been through and nothing found. Worth a try.

Bugger, you have done your bit.