Heading up 12 Mile

Hey all!

I’m new to the group but lovin all the discussions going on! Ive had the fever since I went on a gold mining tour with Jeff Williams over in Arizona and pulled out a few nice nuggets a couple of years back.
Ive been around Queenstown for the past few months working in the orchards and trying to get out to the public areas to have a wee look and this weekend I’m planning on heading over to 12 mile creek. I just figured I do a shout out and see if anyone has any subtle hints they want to drop to give me a feel for the place? Cant hurt to ask :smiley:
I was over at 5 mile creek last weekend and there was a dead sheep hanging out of a tree at the pull in so i figured i would give it a miss this time.
I’m also looking at the dream mat sluice box’s Gav is selling on facebook, seems like a good deal to me so hopefully ill pick one up on the way! Should i grab a little 6" or go for the 8’ big boy?


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Go the 8" big boy.
How does a dead sheep get hung up in a tree? That stinks. No pun intended. 12 Mile be your better bet than 5 Mile. The Arrow River even better.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Well didn’t have much luck up 12 mile but was a nice walk and good to get to know the river, might give it another crack in the future. Did head over to arrow river and had better luck there but that’s not saying much haha! And no luck getting the sluice :frowning: maybe ill get one from dregenz instead.

Do you think the dream mat would be good on those rivers with all the black sand?


I’m going to give the Arrow a go next week. Hopefully water is fine and I can find the right spot. I’ll drag the sluice a wee way up and give it a shot

yes dream mat and hog matts work well with all the black sands talk with dan at nz dredge


I think ill be up there again this weekend with some new strategies and hopefully that sluice I was after!
There was a lass there sniping on sunday, is that possible on the arrow river? looks quite rocky to me.