Have I found Gold or what?

I was up in near Coromandel yesterday and brought home some grey reasonably soft rocks.
Smashed them up and after panning this was the result.
Not easy to see in the photograph, but as a relative beginner I’d appreciate some opinions.
I’m pretty sure there is some mica and larger pieces of Pyrites but what about the really fine stuff?

The soft grey rock matrix suggests it’ll be pyrite, and if you’ve got large pyrite, I’d suggest it’d be fine pyrite.
Put a few pieces in the pliers - if it crushes, it’s pyrite (sorry) If it just squashes but stays whole then you’re on a winner (congratulations!)


Not sure what size pan it is, but if its the 30cm viriety, then if its gold I would expect that it would weight in at about 3.5 grammes if its gold.

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Thanks for the tip, unfortunately it goes crunch.
Exciting all the same.