Hard Won For This Fella!

Was lucky enough to be invited onto a private claim for a bit of detecting. After checking out some likely spots and a lot of it involved climbing up and down the hillside I decided to try another location. All set up and on the first couple of swings I hit a target. This is more like it I was thinking to myself right up to the point of seeing the .22 lead head. Bugger !! Keep on swinging, keep on swinging and then BANG another good sounding target. At only of a depth of 75mm I didn,t have to dig far. Was it another rubbish target or the real thing. Shifting thru the dirt and there she was, my first piece of detected gold. Not big by any standards but big enough to put a smile on my dial.
Keep on swingin


Awesome congrats on first piece of gold, nice little nug too.

Great going - you will be hooked now; the partner will be suffering neglect, the kids will be deprived, the lawns turns into a jungle and nothing will ever get done…you will out chasing gold!

nice nugget ive tried a couple of times but still nuggetless

I think that you should put it aside like Uncle Scrooge did with his lucky first, Number one Dime! Sitting beside me I still have my first flake of gold - thats my lucky number one. I have had it now for just on 60 years and regardless of finding thousands of gram plus nuggets it is still my favourite.

Good luck out there - theres many more with your name on. Today, for me, it is not so much the gold as being out there enjoying a lovely day with great people.

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Thanks CC. It was to be the only piece I found but most enjoyable


Thanks Roy, I’m surprised to hear that Roy after all the gold rings you seem to find regularly!! Keep on swingin

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Thanks Lammerlaw, I plan on keeping this one as you say lucky number 1 !!

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