Happy To Detect Your Claim

Hey y’all!

We’re heading down to Otago for a couple of weeks. If anyone would let us have a little play on their claim with our detectors, that would be awesome! Mad keen prospectors. Happy to work out a fair deal between us. You let us on your claim and in return we find the gold for you (and having loads of fun while doing so), easy as! :grin: Have only good references.

Always looking for new places to swing, could be anywhere on the South Island. Based on the West Coast, but happy to travel. Feel free to flick me a message.


Cheers :beers: // Elias

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I had this crazy guy come detect my claim a few years back. First day he scored 6g. The next year when i dredged that area i found almost 2 oz in the river in a small area. Having someone detect bedrock can be a real help in finding good dredging spots. And if you make a deal your both happy with. Its win win. He will even eat the possums driving you crazy for you. :rofl: :rofl:

Good luck mate. See ya down south.


Thanks mate! Looking forward to catching up :cowboy_hat_face:

What detector/coil are you swinging . Still the Gold Monster or did you get a GPX 6000 & 10x5 coil for it?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

GPX 6000, Equinox 900 and Manticore :cowboy_hat_face: Haven’t used the Manticore for gold yet tho.