Guns coins and a medal


Great score should display nicely

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An interesting lot there Chris. Great score.

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It would appear that in this cotton wool society the Police are calling in for destruction even the kids cap guns!
Good finds - pity they werent complete. I had all those types of guns. Could be why l have a personality disorder- l havent worked out if l a cowboy or a pirate!
I suppose that’s better than trying to work out if your a he or a she.
Good finds.

So, you don’t know if you are a male/female Captain Jack Sparrow or a male/female John Wayne? You would make a good pirate. :wink: (PM you shortly. Thanks for that.)

Chris. Nice finds. Are they real?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

No l have no problem with the gender identity thing - straighter than a ruler. It’s the cowboy/pirate thing although those two choices are also questionable after having seen a porn movie and deciding ‘that’s the career for me’ and then to further complicate the issue saw a film on Albert Pierpont and finally decided that would be a good option as well.


Na A bit like lamerlaws porn career played with once then discarded for 50 years🤭