Guide wanted for a beginner

I’m looking for a guide to help two of us for a couple of days. Panning in a river would be good, not the commercial tour type thing. Doesn’t matter what island (in NZ) you are in, we’ll fly to you
Totally brand new and it is a once off thing

It’s not for a little while but want to test the waters now

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Go here

His names Brendon Mooney,started up gold panning tours up coromandel (Broken Hill)

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Bit risky if he gets caught mining illegally

Yeah,I presume hes done his homework, maybe lol

Hi Guys.
The homework I’m doing has started here. Thanks for all your input. truely appreciated

Every chance they will get a bit of fine gold there too, which stands to reason with the past hard rock mining that was done there. There is a creek there called Gold Creek. Guess it got its name for a reason. There are/were? Horchester frogs in that creek, & so most likely in the area. As small as your thumb nail. I have seen them.
I don’t know how he would have got permission from DOC or Environment Waikato for that kind of activity. Especially if it is a commercial type “Gold Panning Tours” operation. It is as far as I know a forbidden activity in their eyes. Something one needs to do with stealth & cunning & flying under the radar. Not advertising on Facebook I would have thought. Be interesting to see what happens . How long has this been going on for? I don’t do Facebook.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

About 3 months
Just doing what he loves,and wants to share,enterprising young fella,I wish him well.

Gold n Gumboots Arrowtown if your keen! (Redirecting...) 02102226257

how do i get to join the north island gold hunters or
is it a none event

dont be greedy i know that you already know where there is gold up there…lol keith

bugger i forgot to ask how black dog is.
have you made a harness so he can tow
you home when you run out of power