Griffin Creek - any info?

Griffin Creek is a location mentioned long ago on the old forum:

Anyone been up there and had any success? Curious if anyone else has any if about this place?

After the last time it was discussed on here, a claim was placed on it that week I recall. I’ve been up there. It’s one amazing place. You need to be a savage to take gear up, certainly no place for townies

Yep mostly claimed up, I did notice that the claim stops about where the track in meets the creek, from here down looks to be unclaimed. Looks like it’s in a gorge with huge waterfalls/drops, not a nice looking spot. I did see an article about a water generation plant being placed on that creek, in the gorge somewhere I believe.

Any idea about the claim owner? I suspect it’s just someone who saw it mentioned on the forum and decided to snap it up to hopefully make a profit through a resale. Tried to find some info on the name but didn’t come up with much.

The claim holder is someone named Khan Euston Lee who appears to live in Kumara. So I guess it could be a legit claim for dredging.

I did tramp in to the hut not long ago but there was no mention in the hut log book about anyone dredging or anyone mentioning anyone dredging. It’s a proper grunty climb in and out of the valley but very beautiful. Hut even has a bath you can light a fire under near the river.

Was there any greenstone sitting around the hut and bath? Last time i went up there was 20+ kg there

I think I may have spotted my first bits in the wild on the riverbed. Not 100% sure, but here’s a photo… bit too big to carry out! Was certainly a lot denser than the other rocks and seemed to have that whitish oxidized crust present.

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So it’s obviously worth a snipe up there Gavin with all the interest ? Il tag along next hike if u need a 4x4 hilux and a keen buddy lol :laughing:

Worth a snipe? There was one person who left a comment in the hut book “where’s all the bloody gold?” seems they were told it was worth a go at panning. Only reference I saw mentioning gold.

Jus being cheeky. Always drive past that creek wondering :thinking:

That’s close, pounamu’s cousin. It’s there though if you look hard enough

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