Greetings - Obligatory New Guy Intro Thread

:partying_face: Happy New Year, Paydirt folks.

So I’m new to metal detecting… like newly minted new. I literally just bought my new-to-me X-Terra 705 a few hours ago and am heading out for the first time in a few hours.

I am a lifelong rock hound, having cut my teeth pulling agate, carnelian, Thompsonite, Jasper and other delightful semi-precious gem stones out of Lake Superior. I’ve always been a seeker; antiques, seashells, hard to find pipes, cigars and tobaccos. The looking, to me, is always at least as much fun as the finding.

I hope to be a regular poster, and have already learned a lot from you guys and gals from posts of the past. If you have advice for the new detectorist, I’d be happy to hear it.

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year, maybe I’ll see you on the beach tomorrow morning tripping over the remains of the night before.

— Pat


Does the Xterra detect raw gold

As far as I know, Minelab released an X-Terra Gold package with a different coil. I’m not the expert as I’ve, literally, only skimmed the manual and put in an hour on the beach with the machine. Google-fu will surely put you on the right path though.

— Pat

I think that you will do well with the metal detector :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Lake Superior ? Welcome Pat, you have been on quite a journey.

Lake Superior? - my great great uncle was a miner at Lake Superior…unfortunately he took diving lessons when the cage rope broke and he took the fast trip to Hades. That could have been about 1873.
My grandfather was also born in a mining village called Hammondsville but that was in Essex County probably in New York State.