Greetings from Waihi (Waikato). Any swingers around these here parts?

Hi all. I’m a total newbie, awaiting delivery of my first detector - a Minelab 505 X-terra. Couldn’t afford the 705 without selling an organ, so I settled for this one after days of researching. What’s more, I’m blonde, so reading the instruction manual oughta be a challenge. Anyone else around these parts with a machine and a thirst for treasure? And any advice on starting out with the minimum of tools (treasure/relic/coin hunting) would be gratefully received. Looking forward to finding chestfuls of gold coins on my first foray. grin

Hi DirtFisher
Love to swing with you first timer but i’m miles away. Good luck out there and look forward to seeing your finds. Happy hunting.



Thank you Shady. To be honest, I’m not sure my Dad would let me go swinging with a guy named Shady anyway, so it’s probably for the best…

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All good DirtFisher. We all be keen to see how you get on with the 505. Post some pics of your finds when they surface. All good.

Shane (don’t think i’m soft i’m shady as)


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I will happily share when I find my first things. Probably to the extent you’ll be telling me to shut up!! Really looking forward to having a crack at this.

Soft? I wouldn’t dare think that. Rest easy, you definitely look as shady as. So shady my umbrella is jealous.

Why thank you…
There was someone on here a month back looking for a detecting buddy, think they were based in Hamilton or thieir abouts. If you go back a few threads you will find them.


Thank you Shady.

Stay dodgy. You wear it well.

Have a look four threads before your one in the Social section. Someone in Hamilton lookin.
I can see your gonna be a handful - you will fit in well here.


Lol. That’s good to hear. Could do with a partner-in-crime or two. Ya know, lookouts…

Cheers - I’ll fossick around in the threads. :smiley:

Yip, keep posting as you go along, this a is a great forum.

Cheers :beers:


Swing on the beach where everyone swims or lounges about. The treasures fall off em. Good luck from the south.

Yup, them’s definitely intended victims. Am I allowed to pick them up and shake their treasures out of them or is that considered cheating?