Greenlane Anyone?

I will be coming into ‘town’ as a shuttle driver for someone heading into Greenlane Hosp for a few hours around midday Friday, Dec 14th.

Wondering if anyone cares to team up for a wave of the magic wand, or can point me to somewhere that could be of interest (I know Cornwall and Maungakiekie are verboten)
It’ll be high tide (dammit) while I’m there so I’ll be dirt fishing.

Thanks in advance

If all else fails you could try this old parts of Auckland stormwater all run into small creeks if you can find the outlet from main roads and snipe with pinpointer amongst the rocks??? I’ve eyeballed a few silvers when I use to work down there

For sure, had some good fun grubbing with just a pointer.

However, surgery has been rescheduled, so I’ll have to head to your place for a binge :laughing:

Hmmmm might have to pre book your own surgery :sunglasses:…na give us a shout if you come down spose to be crap weather