Green stones westcoast

some pieces I found on the beach




Couple of Jacksons Bay rocks



WOW…awesome. Very nice.

JW :slight_smile:

That is unbelieveable…are you serious about that boulder being there?? You sure you didn’t “plant” it ??:slight_smile: What a score. That would have weighed a bit.

JW :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s awesome I only find the tiny bits biggest so far is as big as the old 50 cent piece of any 1 has any advice on where to go would be great? :+1:

Dan, a few good spots are the point around Hunts Beach (you get aotea a blue and green rock that is more amazing than pounamu), Ships Beach, Jacksons Beach, Seven and Ten Mile. These are a few good producers. The key is look along the beach, perpendicular to the waves and see where pebbles sit in bands. You are looking more for a scalloped shape (with a concave and convex form) rather than colour as the first indicator.

As for those rocks in those pics Goldsborough, Im pretty sure they are not greenstone. Unfortunately.

Correct, but they are “Green stones”

Was told they we serpentine.

Would like to have bought them home.

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For sure…very pretty. What beach were they on?

Tell me where your nugget was found at Goldsborough first.

it’s the bay across the saddle from Jacksons bay, 20 min walk

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yep, know it well. you find pudding-rock there too…smoothwater to the south is a beaut too

This be the start of the 20 minute walk at the Jackson Bay end.

Coming out to the beach.

These be the puddingstone. Conglomerate.

Bit of video footage

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

PS: Doesn’t look like the video footage loaded up. Sorry. :slight_smile:


I’m not 100% what this stone is but it’s nice to cut, found on the beach westcoast.

its just a stone JTB…(or a mineral depending on your definitions)

This is green I’m sure

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indeed…some nice pounamu there.
real nice, that one full of grannysmith apple green is either Arahura (olderog creek) or Cascade.
the others are a little harder to define where they came from

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It’s good fun looking for green stones I remember the first time looking for them and coming home with these big green rocks thinking I’d cracked it of course it was leveright !! They are still nice to look at all the same especially when wet , a couple of years latter a friend & I went for a wander into a less accessible area and found some really nice bits , some were a little polished from water & some I did my self