Great barrier exploration

Merry christmas all, have been out of action for a while as life just gets busy sometimes. Especcially with a baby due any day now. Have had my eyes on the barrier for quite a while now and have done plenty of walking over there that leads me to believe i could be in with some great spots for the sluice.

Has anyone had any luck over there? Not wanting exact locations, but ive been thinking around the tramline reigion. Any advice/experiences would be greatly appreciated! :ok_hand:

Bump. I know that there must be someone on here that has tried the barrier? Not asking for spots, but more results.
Any stories will be mu h appreciated! :call_me_hand:

Just go & be a pioneer have a look for yourself & then you can tell us. But would you…? Not sure the locals would be in favour though of a gold rush.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: