Gpz7000 infomation etc

Hi looking at purchasing the minelab gpz7000 to upgrade from the gp extreme for this mining season detecting the pits after the pay gravel have been taken out. Does anyone have much experience with them… what size of gold they work best on eyc etc ?


Hi there Element111. You are taking a big step from a GP Extreme to a GPZ 7000. I will tell you this. You wont regret it. I would say I have quite a bit of experience with a Zed having swung one for the last two & a half years. Pulled a lot more gold off old flogged patches that were no longer producing for me with my 4500 & all combination of coils. The Zed loves all size gold & you will be gobsmacked at how deep it gets the small stuff. It still blows me away after 2.5 years. The 14" coil is deadly but its size can stop you getting into the tight spots that you probably got into with your Extreme & the smaller coils. It is heavy but with a harness & bungy you can swing it all day long. Use the swing arm to. It helps get & keep that absolute even coil swing & coil control. It has its own little quirks & can take a bit of adjustment in technique from being use to a GP or GPX detector. You will grow into it & end up loving it. I know I do. Cheers

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for sharing this. I am quite new to this forum and I was also quite intrigued to checkout the GPZ 7000. A GPX detector is quite a great equipment to try. I would love to check it out as well.

HI just to let you know I have a GPZ 7000 for sale, my health has not improved so am unable to operate it. Regards Bill.

Sorry to hear that Bill. That is a bugger. What sort of price do you have on your Zed? Cheers.


John :slight_smile:

Hi John, would like to get $8000 I hope there is some interest in nz Regards Bill


@element111, thanks for posting. I was looking for the same and I came across your thread and it was helpful for me to make the right choice.

Best Regards !!

Thats allgood i brought bills gpz7000 and its an amazing machine. Iv been using it for 4 weeks now and its payed for itself a few times over