Gpx4500 modded by Peter woodland

Hi guys this is a genuine minelab gpx4500( all reciets shown in pictues ) with the latest mods from Peter woodland in oz as you will see from the receipts I brought 2 and had both modded as one was for my friend but has now decided to sell his for a sdc2300 and I can put remainer back in bank it has 5 year warranty with detector mods found them very easy to deal with and quick this is a serious machine have found a lot gold in short time had them comes with smaller batterys that Velcro to side extra front end gain and internal filters making it run quieter this will out do gpz or any other detector with ease down to small gold with the we 8 inch coil comes with cross head phones 8 inch mono detech coil 11inch mono detech coil the 11 mono and 11 Dd comander as I’m new user can only post one pic so I’ve added main invoice but can send pictures directly to any one interested

Would really like to get, but recently got an unmoded 4500, darn. any one want to buy an unmodded GPX 4500

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The 4500 is a fantastic unit.I have an unmodded one. Has found me a lot of gold here in NZ. & a Woody modded one that I got just prior to getting the GPZ. I know Woody gets a lot of flack around the world, probably more so in Aussie, But his modded 4500 found gold my standard one didn’t. My very first piece was straight down from the car park in amongst the bed rock at Moonlight Gully, (West Coast) Probably the most thrashed ground at Moonlight. That blew me away as I have had been over this ground with my GP 3000 & standard 4500. I was using a Nugget Finder 14 x 9 coil too. So not a small coil for bed rock sniping. I had to double & triple check to make sure the detector was turned on & the threshold was working as it ran so beautifully quiet. Every other man & his dog with a detector would have waved a coil over this area. In my humble opinion there is no way I would sell a 4500 to get an SDC 2300. I know…as I have an SDC 2300 as well & I don’t rate it any where near the 4500. Just think about it. You only have that one 8" coil so you are limited straight away. With the 4500 you can wack on a zillion different coils, each one being a game changer. You don’t get that with the 2300. Tell your mate to reconsider.

Best of luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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Not sure if my last message came up I’ve droped the buy now price to 4500 kinda gutted my mate wants to sell it they sooooo good I’d never sell mine the gold I’ve found nothing would touch at same depth here on the coast … I see the second reply mentions moon light haven’t been there yet wana get up there tho

Kiwijw I agree he should recocider I’m trying was trying to figure out how to personal message you re moonlight etc if your close to coast where I live thought could get together for a look I’ve got few places down ross southwestland way could shoe you round if your willing to show me around some spots in grey


Hi Craig. I live in Queenstown & detect around Central Otago areas. It is not very often I get up the coast. My last time at Moonlight was october last year when I purchased my Zed. I went up to moonlight using the modded 4500. Ironically while I was there I was shown photos of a 1.5 ounce nugget found with a 2300. Having said that I am going to Haast tomorrow for the weekend. Not looking for gold though. Cheers.

Goodl luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply he
Funnly enough there is a really good spot at haast known for large large nuggets planing to head there very soon for look after finely finding out where it was … was that 1.5 ounce found at moonlight ?i really need to get up there and explore only 40 min drive from mine just figured the main moonlight creek will be floged to point wont find much mite have to look in to creeks close by moonlight Nelson creek area ? But 1.5 that’s a nice lunker wonder what depth it was found at seems the sdc starts dropping of pretty strongly after 8 inch or so but haven’t tested it on bigger stuff … I have a 2300 As well like the water proof compact design and my modded 4500 but after using the 4500 the sdc feels very low on power i have to say lol but guess it’s made for small shallow gold … I’m accturly heading to queenstown 14 15 16th got permission to detect moke creek and couple areas there not sure what to expect there ground wise but taking all my ones hoping it’s good for the gpx

Hi Craig. The 1.5 ouncer was found past the first swing bridge up one of the side creeks that flows into the moonlight. It was well above the creek up on the high steep bank. Was also told of a 6 ounce nugget that was found last year, believe it or not, on the track just 5 minutes up from the car park. Was a screamer of a signal & the chap thought it was going to be a horse shoe or something. He just kicked at the ground with his boot & there smiling up to him was the nugget. Man, I & many many others would have walked over that many times. Knowing the chap who told me I believe him. The moonlight was well known for it big nuggets & I am sure there are still many there.
Has Danidor given you permission to detect on his Moke Creek claim? There was good gold there but like most QT areas has had a hiding.
I was in Hasst, jet boating up the Arawhata river south of Hasst. Although gold was found in that location it wasn’t much. Arawhata Bill tried in later years & found bugger all. If the area you are talking of is where I think it is then it is north of Hasst & with out saying too much, not far from Ship Creek. Am I right? The 2300 is probably better suited for the West Coast with its water proof ability & compact fold up easy to back pack design to get in amongst the bush. For Central Otago the 4500 rules…but more so the Zed. Just wish the Zed had a smaller coil for those tight spots. Cheers.

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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How’s it going robyn yea had permission but as you say been hammerd walked
all of the claim for one piece each and rite to top off gills creek for
another bit each lol but was awsome to see bit more of the country as for
the place you mentioned that’s the one close to ship creek :wink: don’t know
how many have been there but thought it’s worth a explore other than that
I’ll just keep exploring try find some new creeks up in the back country