GPS tracking device

Does anybody know if there is a small GPS tracker available that can be discreetly attactched to say the likes of a dredge? Would be piece of mind if leaving gear at a creek and make it easier to track down if some light fingered prick decided to help themselves.

I like the idea but my theory is prevention is better than cure. Just take it home.


Apple airtags won’t work in that situation Bluetooth range is far to small, you’ll need an independent unit with sim like this -


Doh should have read gavzillas post first :sunglasses: hes ontoit.

This is an interesting idea… thinking laterally - something that could do the trick - if you had cell coverage… maybe try one of those pet trackers. Something like… There are heaps around, not sure what one might work best.

You can set up a geofence alert, so if it gets carried out on a flood lol :sunglasses: or by some evil person, you’d get an alert. Then track it by boat or car :sunglasses:

It would be a bit obvious - so someone might take it off - and an issue would be battery life. But maybe give it a crack and let me know if it works? I might also try myself.

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Bee hive people use trackers on there hives in dodgee places. Has a tremble switch so only activates when moved too save battery life. Can turn on and off with magnet. Down side is that you need a subscription and sim.


Leave a picture of someone of a cadaver. Its what happens to thieves. Accidental slaughter.

Or take it home!