Got bullets? Found something good

Hi guys it’s been a while since I have been on
Finally found a good spot to hit found these this weekend in about 3 hrs


Holy Crap! Are you detecting on a firing range or something. It’s a wonder you could walk with the weight of these.


looks like you have got different types of rounds there if so it would have to be a range covering a few years or if they are of similar age you might have got a battle site.

Yeah my legs are feeling it now
Has to be a firing range of old for sure

sorry about the sideways pics

turns out the random brass lot are old plane engine starting charges from
the 40s


The “random brass” looks like the ends of some heavy artillary - you in an off shore ammo dump? Or is it Waiouru?

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not a offshore dump but it was a air force base since the 30s just been
turned into a housing development .
I live in Auckland on the hibiscus coast and only drive half an hour to get there.
Any ideas???
there are targets everywhere
will keep us busy for years

How much do you lift? :slight_smile:
(we need details, how heavy is all that lead?)

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Thats a lot of practice lead and guess what they were practising for.
Awesome finds all the same At.

Shady as


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Lift as in weight lifting or total weight of the bullets? Because I’m no weight lifter will weight the hoard now for you.

OK so all up was 9.5 kg for first dig 18.7 kg all together

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You never go into an off shore ammo dump bro not if you like being alive but those Sweet Sweet relics are there but dangerous.

That is a fair amount to carry home. I tried carrying 10kg weight on 2km walk to work once, and immediately regretted it - mostly awkward. I can’t imagine carrying that collection.
If anyone asks if you lift, your response should be “Yes, yes I do.” :sunglasses:

So out we went again for another dig at the point

also found this sweet silver pendant marked 925 on the back. very lucky not to ruin it with my spade anyone know what it represents?? Please help. found it Gemini star sign pendant took awhile today on Google to find it


Great haul there, very cool pendant :+1:

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What do you reckon those larger caps are - like in pic two.


I have been told that they are old plane fuel line attachments when they leaked they were removed replaced and thrown in in bush we hit.

Now that’s dedication :joy: I would have given up after digging 20 or so bullets haha. Good stuff!

Keep away from the Hobsonville bomb dump, there is still phosphorus in the ground there, if you have to ask what the danger is then google image search phosphorus burns … the last place in the country I would be digging holes.