Good, the bad, ugly?

Your drafts are saved as you work nice. :sunglasses:
It’s nice how the recent posts are next to the forum category they are from.
Notifications are great, it’s like facebook but NOT facebook.
I do love how I can bookmark posts.
The top menu bar is perfect just the same as old site, appears to work fine.
I earned an emoji - this is like Pokemon Go! :joy:
[right time to spam the emoji’s, before I get suspended]

:scream: There doesn’t appear to be a Preview button when creating new posts, can this be remedied?
Can we get a forums navigation bar at top of the page?
Is there a post Signature?

“While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever” What is the editing time limit?

:confounded: The forums main page looks a little ugly, perhaps too white or clinical, maybe it’s because there aren’t enough posts, it might look better once it begins to fill up.

Gavin can you add some icons next to each main category?

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Cheers for the feedback - much appreciated!

Preview pane is real-time to the right of the edit area as you type. You may have some blue message covering it you need to dismiss first to see it.

Signature - this has been replaced with your public profile page / popup instead. If someone wants to know a bit more about you then they click on your avatar icon and can get to see all your details there. There might be a trust level (not very high, just low enough to stop spammers) that needs to be reached before any links you provide start to show. I believe the intent is to try to keep conversations uncluttered by removing signatures from posts.

Editing post grace period - seems to be 24 days. I can change this later if needed.

Category icons aren’t supported at this time. Just pretty colours I’m afraid.

Great, got that preview sorted.

editing period seems fine to me. I wonder how some others feel though, I’ve seen some go back and completely delete their posts (did they want to keep somethings secret?).

A pale/pastel colour might be easier on the eyes. Can you change the background from white?

Yes, I’m curious about what people think too. Will start bugging people for some feedback on a week or so :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that gold nugget up top new?
If you click on it, you’ll be taken back to the main page. That’s handy :sunglasses:

Been there all along, but I guess it might not have been obvious. I was actually wondering if it was obvious or not! :wink: