Good relationship

He Guys Iam looking for a opportunity to prospecting some different ground then the public fossicking areas …around Hokitika Ross and Greymouth where I am looking at…so if some friendly claim holder /Owner or even Beach claim owner would give me the Chance to have a look with my Rocker box or sluice and detector to prospect and and build up my skillset on some safe legal ground…I really would appreciate that and give you some money or even help with some jobs you need to be done :slight_smile: …what gives me an opportunity to prospect better ground.
Thanks in advance !!! :slight_smile: and to all people they read this and think what de F… Only if you ask and be friendly and meet the right people you might got a chance to have a go …better then poaching…you don’t ask you don’t know ;)…Karma is a Bitch xD
Cheers guys …Pm please if some want help a Goldmate out :)…

Mad German - Gold-Prospecting New Zealand ;)…you Love it or you don’t :sunglasses:

Head to the local pub mate, more often than not a few choice words will put you onto the right person. It’s amazing what’s few beers will do to a persons lips :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Cheers Mate :wink: sounds like a good idea …I give it a try …:sunglasses::sweat_smile:…makes sense so :wink: