Good places to claim in Central otago

Hi guys, i going to put in a application for a claim in central otago, i have been doing a lot of test panning around the Alexandra area and have some good results, i have 3 places i have in mind but i was wondering if i would be better to head more towards Queenstown and Arrowtown, it has a lot more claims around that area but still a lot of ground available to claim, what do you guy think? also does anyone know if the public area in Lawrence (Gaberal"s gully) is being renewed? as i notice it has gone from the permit map and it was up for renewal and has just gone and the other public areas in Otago have been renewed to 2099.


Gabriels Gully is still in action, looks like it’s been renewed till 2026.

Here you go - Gabriels Gully on the Permit Map

AH there it is thanks Gavin, i really like it at Gaberals gully, very cool rocks and the mines there are awesome.

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If you getting good results where you have been test panning otago has many gold bearing spots some more famous than others stick to where you are getting good gold good luck

Sing out if you want company around Alex. I can go out anytime. …

Thanks shootguts, yea i think i will stick around where i know best

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Hey dgriffnz, sweet, i will get hold of you as all my mates have no time for dredging or just not into it, i will be heading back to the rivers soon and do some more testing if you are keen to head out for a look.