Goldsborough claim

There’s a claim for sale out goldsborough for sale. It was advertised in the grey star last week. I just rang the guy. He wants about 50k. Claim number 52635. Phone number is 0272652124 for the claim owner
If anyone buys it can I please have a talk about doing a bit of weekend slicing on it here n there

What type of claim is it? I would assume a dredging claim or is it a full on mining claim?

The guy didn’t really say.

Lol ok, we quite like goldsborough and have always talked about getting some sort of claim round there, although 50K, nah, just wondering, it would have to be at least a dredging claim 50K for a hand mining claim would never be worth it unless you were getting a gram a bucket + .

I rearly wonder where people get there prices from on thease claims have seen a few black sand ones come up and even there historic recovery would pay less than digging farm drains on an hourly rate rearly makes me wonder unless people are keeping the true recovery tucked away !


@The_Sluicer a topomap aerial view shows a pond and a bit of earthworks going on within the claim boundary