Goldsborough and Surrounds

Hi there. Finally got a couple of days off and heading to the coast for a couple of days.

Planning on staying at Goldsborough a night and wondering if anyone has any pics of the creek there? Is there any bedrock of just metres of stone?

I’m going to take a couple of pans and considering if its worth bringing along a sluicebox or not.

Would love to do some sniping but have no idea where to go without going fully bush plus don’t want to end up on someone’s claim as i see a large quantity of claimed ground.

I also swing a detector which has not see much use in a while. open to any general areas where i could use this without stepping on anyone’s toes.

If i was around for longer i would be keen to meet up with others but have limited time and heading to Xmas.

Post Xmas i’m open to any of the above gold prospecting methods down central otago way. happy to pass on any knowledge and team up with anyone keen. All i know is i’m going camping somewhere away from the Queenstown madness, away from the traffic and the hordes of holidaymakers.

Was in Goldsborough a couple of weeks ago doing the sluice and pan thing, stayed in the campground, nice spot. The river (gold fossicking area) is all gravels, some spots have clay under the gravels too, which stops the gold from sinking any more. Found my best colour just digging on top of the clay. There’s plenty of flow in the river so it’s quite easy to set up the sluice. I’ll try and attach a pic… it is looking upstream from the footbridge at the camping ground.
Hope this helps,


camping ground gets pretty full xmas to new year so get in quick

thanks for the pic. i had briefly been at goldsborough back in 2008 but never got into the creekbed. quite an interesting spot and very different from the geology of back in the wakatipu. i had a quick pan in a few spots and found it very easy to find gold. only very small stuff. i wonder if anyone ever snipes this area instead of sluiceboxing? i did notice the rusted together bits of rock and stone but didnt see any of that in the strata of the cliffs. i do wonder how deep the clay reefs go and what is beyond that. i presume it’s a long way to bedrock.
i did go up goffs track for a walk but got dark. pretty rough path that.

nafcd, when i was there on the 24th it was pretty quiet still. just one big caravan, a couple of motorhomes and a few tents. i’ve seen it packed though in january