Gold's record prices drives resurgence in prospecting activity across WA

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$28 for a prospecting license. $28000 to do it here. lol


If I every get pulled up by DOC I pull out my WA miner’s license and say where in the common wealth aren’t we and watch them scratch there socialist overbearing head and say we’ll have to check that one out as I give them a western Australian address just for fun

I dont think anyone would notice if l changed the date. Notice the fee for one entire years gold mining using pan, sluice or cradle on any unclaimed river…and then the politicians sold their souls to the Devil and betrayed us all.


yes those days are long gone unfortunately.

Only because we let them.

ive got one somewhere as well yours must be one of the last.

What was the last year they issued miners rights in NZ?

Not sure as I have others away somewhere but it may have been 1972. that one I have shown here will be one of the last.
Things were so much easier and simpler then. When I claimed a copper mine it went before the Wardens Court and was done and dusted in half an hour. No one did it for me, cost negligible, procedures simple. No need for blasting licence - they didnt exist, no problem with land occupiers - all cut and dried.