Goldie Hunting-

Received the go find 20 the other day from the dredgenz comp and took the buzzy little machine out for its first run today. Just went coin shooting to test it out before giving it to the nephew but it performed better than I was expecting and even pulled some gold! 4.7g


I really am keen to know how the gofinds perform on wet saltwater sand.

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Nice work indeed :blush:, they certainly are easy to swing.

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Totally awesome. I reckon the 20 would be a great machine.


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Yeah goes well! Good depth. Doesn’t have a the pinpoint feature though which had me struggling a bit because I’ve become use to it on my current machine and am just lazy haha

Amazing isn’t it. It’s a feather compared to the At Pro. Forgot i was even swinging at some points

Just a wrap up of the past week of coin shooting

Few nice bits and pieces. All rings are junkers and just the one piece of 925.
Also anyone able to identify the button? Can’t find anything on it


We’ll done nice finds

Wo, a big key and the Jesus cross - mint.
Too much, can’t quite make out the button, can you get a closeup.

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Some nice interesting items in that pile… a very good hunt.

Cheers, Yeah finally found Jesus. Him and the Skeleton Key were on the bucket list so I’m stoked with them. First pic should be a close up of the button unless ive got it messed up and I’ll post it again if it’s not there

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