Golden Summer !.. whats the plan?

So what gold trips are you planning this year ?
What places are you going to check out ?
How much gold are you hoping to get this summer ?
Submit your goals and aspirations here…lol

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Hoping to get back on the dredging again this summer… struck out a couple of times now so real keen to make it happen this year… around Central Otago area.
Also get back to golden bay and see the crew at the Aorere for sure.
I would love to get an ounce for the summers total…lol!

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We’ve had summer, bud. Skipped autumn and straight back into winter…but warmer

Great topic, I have a spot I prospected early last summer with gd promise (half gram piece)but water flow stopped my progress and also the access up a vertical wall, but nevermind Ive come up with a cunning plan.
While working through the wet cold winter,spring( you know what I mean,zero focus on work while the fever simmers away)
I’m going to hit in my summer break with my plan.
Only looking at a positive outcome and to prove to myself that more must be found,I mean where’s there’s 1 bit it’s gotta have a family.
Probably be handing in notice bahahaha
Good luck to all


Well Me pommy mate is visiting after xmas we are heading down to the Burt Monroe from the north Island, stopping at Nelson Creek for a fossick thenoff down Ross way for a bit more fossicking, I am looking for a claimholder who wouldnt mind us sluicing panning and coil swinging on their claim. Excited to fossick the public areas but would like to try some ‘less looked at’ sites. So if anyof ya are feeling festive and wouldn’t mind us on their claim for a day or two please get in touch.
I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Heavy pans guys Heavy pans.

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Well guys, after 2 years of the bloody covid, I’ll be heading from the far north to the deep south once again. I found a little colour last time in public areas. Done some research and decided to head for the waikaia. Piano Flat .
If any of you are holders of permits for that area, specifically for welshmans creek and the river above the flat and would kindly let me have a fossick with pan and small keene sluice, and a gm1000 (unused!) that would be great. Maybe if you will be in the area we could meet up. I’m a fit old bugger just looking to maybe find some shiny stuff and have an adventure . Feel free to pm me if you can help. I expect to be in the area early feb, travelling down thu central otago checking out places i missed on my last trip.
Cheers and have a great xmas.
Ps. Hoping to catch up with JW and or JT if they’re about.

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Forget about anything upstream from Piano flat for at least another few weeks from now. Track’s washed out.

Who repairs that?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for that. I’m planning on being at Piano Flat around 2nd week of Feb. Hopefully the road is fixed by then. Otherwise I have an ebike/ shanks pony.

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You’re in luck. Track’s open now.

Thanks for that. Not sure if you meant the bush rd closed or the river track. Any way , I’m heading south at the moment. Hoping for some good weather in the south. Cheers.