Golden Bay Adventure

Hi All,happy new year to you all,took the family to Golden Bay over the new year and managed to try a couple of places in and around the Aorere River Rec area.Looks like this area had some big rains in late Nov/early Dec so found some nice flood gravels that hadn’t been done over yet,beautiful area…spotted pig,deer,wild goat,lots of native birds including a couple of Blue Ducks.Only fine flood gold first two days but covered some great country and finally last day checked out a lead that one of our paydirt community regulars gave me(thanks mate!)
Cleaned out a dip in the bedrock below a waterfall and got bit,enough to bring a smile to my severly sandfly bitten face…lol!..result…cheers Mal


I’m pleased to see you had some luck . nice areas…love the look of the waterfall, photos to prove where you have been .
I wonder whats at the bottom of that pool under the waterfall? maybe just full of eels…big ones …bloody big ones…bloody big ones with big teeth


Oh yeah…hundred year old eels just waiting for some unsuspecting gold miner to fall in between gold rushes…lol

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Yes Know that fiver well and yes those eels are ginormous

Be great if you could strap a GPS and small metal detector on one and see what’s down the bottom of those deep holes…lol