GOLD TV - How to watch in NZ

How is everyone watching all the latets gold shows on TV these days? I got busy and stopped watching them. Recently i have been bombarded with snippets on Facebook of the latest series. I must be a couple of series behind on all the shows. Used to use pirate bay but that seems to have given up, all i get is dodgy links and downloads don’t begin?
Is there an easy way to watch the latest episodes. Are they all on Discovery? i did look at a discovery subscription but didn’t seem like it was an option for NZ?

Hi, i use a site called, it has all the gold rush shows on it, plus latest movies and tv series, But you need to use a vpn number (which can be bought online) as it helps to protect you. is a free service, you just need to set up account with an email address, no creditcard asked for, but like the torrent download sites is illegal hence why using a vpn number is a good idea, and good internet security, i use eset. Another site that also has gold rush is . Do a bit of your own googling to get a better understanding of how these free streaming sites and vpn numbers work as you need to be aware of internet security, i have been using them for about a year now, wounld never go back to paid tv as most of it is available for free on these sites, but you do have to pay for a vpn number, i use Nord VPN, very easy to use once downloaded to phone or computer, and with vpn you can also watch tv stations from all over the world, by pretending to be in their country. I also downloaded a web browser called Brave and use this to watch it all on as it adds another layer of protection and stops all the pop up adds. Hope this was helpful, it will take a wee bit of setting up but once you have your head around it there is more content than you will know what to do with :+1:t3:

+1 for Brave browser, great for blocking ads etc.

Try, it has a lot of TV shows and movies. It’s much like the Pirate Bay so should be easy to figure out.
No sign up required or anything

If you want a VPN and are downloading on your phone, check out the free version of Proton VPN.

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thanks, i’ve already got express vpn. use it to watch 9now the aussie station as they free to air a lot of the nrl games.

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TunnelBear is pretty good too, and allows you to select your ‘country’ of origin for those sites that are geofenced.

Sweet your half way there, just get the Brave browser and your away, last season of gold rush wasn’t too bad,and in the latest season of gold rush white water , they get on to some nice chunky stuff…

Talking of Gold Rush White Water. I always wonder how they all make ends meet. The reality is that they don’t seem to find very much to support the team of 5-6. I am guessing some will have a partner/wives, family mortgage or rent to pay & all the life expenses that go with that.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Think Justin was getting 50k an episode, was what someone said years ago so maybe more now. All about the drama and the hunt. I always wondered why the never chased the easy gold when they were finding none and needing cash while dredging in silly difficult places. I see the young girl has moved on from the dramas and is back doing her own dredging.