Gold Times three

I was worried about having reached Peak gold, maybe I’m still on the way up to the top! This is the last three trips, from fathers day to now. All shared with a mate. Biggest piece in the photo is 3.1g


Was it found detecting, panning? Dredging? Tell us a story about it…make it interesting. Some geology too please :blush:

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Looks like gold from different areas to me… top 2 pans have courser gold than the bottom pan.

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Good spotting gavin. They are little plates from the kids toys though, not pans unfortunately. There is 37g total

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There will be no hints but we employed the full spectrum of methods.


That’s a damn good haul, well done! Looks like you might have a few mercury covered bits in there too.

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Very nice. Another summer on the way


Private claim or public??