Gold storage containers

Hey guys, my lovely wife came home from a kmart spree with this for me. 24 little clear plastic containers in a clear plastic case $7.50. Good for keeping finds separate. The gold looks really nice in there.


I like those containers- also good for mineral micro mounts if your into that sort of thing.

I got a lifetime supply of thick glass DSIR bottles about 100 years ago. I usually filled one a day and they hold about 1 1/2 ounces of gold. I would put the gold in them with the date and location.
This is the type of bottle.

If l get an ounce or 32 grams for a day l use hobby shop paint bottles and label them. This one was 2/3 of one day on my place where according to the ex resident gold expert theres no gold about two years ago with a Gold Monster. Two of the nuggets just fitted in and no more. I gave half an ounce away. Exactly a troy ounce in this bottle.


You are breaking my heart LL.
Cheers MB

You can always visit.
Not getting anything much at the moment…come to think of it shooting Bugs Bunny and his mates have taken precedence.

LOL, I was trying to read the labels in your bottles to put of few new pins in my map to explore :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guessed someone might try to read them and took precautions accordingly…normally when we take precautions it involves condoms but in this case it involves making sure the labels cannot be read.

Must put some false labels into a few bottles and sit back to watch the gold rush!


Haha i love the sense of humour :smile:

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Glass bottles. You wouldn’t want to drop them. You sure they aren’t painted stones like the ones sitting on a certain windowsill, because there is no gold at your place?


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Shh how did you know about the fake gold. Yep those are fake nuggets in the bottles but when theres no gold at my place l am allowed to have fun and paint pebbles a nice gold colour to twick myself…and others.
I am referring to the fake gold I have shown just above not the ones on the window sill - Henry da 8th I am I am put them there.!

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thats cool bro nice show of your finds