Gold rush white water

is anyone watching the new series on sky. took 4 or 5 programs to set up base and haul the dredge to the site. they get there and motor wont start. hadnt been run for 6 months. they take it miles from home without even test running it first. then when they started it they only had enough fuel for 2 days running. 2 or 3 months on site and 2 days fuel. really. and of course the one big rock where they are has millions of dollars of gold under it. think ive seen enough. back to watch south park. far more realistic story plots. lol


Well that sounds just like me! I have one gold dredge motor at home - near new now dead AND it was only when I got it into the river after a struggle that I found it would not go.
I have another gold dredge motor currently on the river bank and guess what? The fucking things dead!
I also took my 3 inch Aqualite pump which is anything but light to the river and the f***ing pull start bust. I Started it with an electric drill - brand new Milwaukee - burnt the drill out and bust the spark plug!


have you ever considered contacting discovery channel. they might give you your own series. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


that must be a joke the story line surely , thanks for sharing

Do you know how ‘reality TV’ works? Its all about product placement - that’s how they make money. Funding is usually tight for the first season but, if the show gets good ratings, it is usually funded by Everything is scripted, and everything you see is planned. At worst, all products you see are provided by the manufacturer (advertising) and, at best, the network is paid to use them. When products are provided (with or without the monetary bonus), they are never the reason for the inevitable problems, people have to be. That is why some of the people on reality programmes do such dumb crap.


Everything is a script on rawtv/discovery programs.

when Parker’s trail producer’s came to NZ to scout it out I meet up with them, they had the whole show mapped out already.
when I signed the forms to agree to be on it they then started saying how they wanted things done. They offered $8000 a day to do things their way, with input in their final cut etc (so many brake downs and stupid stuff they wanted) we pulled out and so did many, the loss of production and how you are made to look on tv was not worth the money.

White water gold rush is still cool tho. We dragged a 6" keene dredge way up the river on the weekend. 5 trips with 2 wheel barrows, was a huge mission and came back with only 5.8grams…


Good on you mate. You didn’t sell your soul to be made to look like a clown. Respect to you.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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