Gold Rush: White Water

A new gold series on Discovery I hadn’t spotted before…


Hey Gav just finnished watching half the series. Got pissed off in the end watching them how not to properly dredge. The icing on tbe cake for me was seeing them install dredge riffles facing the wrong way.


loved the winch idea, and the way they divert current, hoping they have another go , was interesting in places very similar country to my claim

i would love to push the boy in that creek. smug, arrogant little sh*t

Just started watching it. Quite enjoying the first few episodes so far, though I must agree that Dustin does seem to be a bit of an arrogant prick which is a shame.

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Over the top but i watch it.


Hi I have been watching all the gold Episodes , And you got to laugh, one dredges for two hours that right two hours and think they done well.old dustin sould come with me and dredge for 6 or 7 hours, they have three people that can do the dredging and they only have one on the nozzel, how about two! one throwing rocks, and the wet suit make me laugh they are as lost as a goose, that not help keep the cool water out But still good good for a Laugh

@webby1 so we better start building the to divert the water

pretty predictable whats going to happen. couple of episodes ago Hoffman came and they had a look around by helicopter and he said they need to move their site. of course dustin the arse wont be told what to do so he will have a big argument with the old man. could be a 2 part drama that bit. :grin:

And at the end of the season they got nothing the so called big hole they punch through mother nature got really f****Ed that she re covers it if not bigger bolders

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