Gold rising faster than ever

Wtf, spot price going up daily hourly almost. The world must in some sort of turmoil . I’m off grid mostly. Finding it almost exciting watching the rise


Just a tad under $3800 today some serious shit happening some where just wait for the crash

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yip the American dollar in serious trouble to , and the threat of war

As they say in the business… Boom!

The world is always in turmoil. There is always the power mungers flexing their muscles. The whole Ukraine & Gaza crap is unbelievable. No one is going to be a winner. It is the innocent citizens that are the losers. Why can’t the world live in peace & harmony? Fucken power & control… that is why.



Jeepers. Im miles behind. 3800 Is that what an ounce of GOLD is worth at the moment.


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Went up to the attic in my ‘house’ in the hills which is the only place I can get intermittent reception to check weather and read messages and emails and decided to check the gold prices - an hour later I checked them again and found I was worth somewhat over a thousand more than when I went up!
HOWEVER - today I am down even more!
Spend a week in high water with detector - happy face - never weigh it anymore.
Tried to use Priscilla of the Tussocks to plough out gorse and broom but they just clog up the plough - failed experiment - sad face.
Hand sprayed gorse - didnt put top on gorse knap sack sprayer properly and bent over - need I say more - Now I am waiting to shrivel up and a blue pill wont cure that!
Priscilla of the Tussocks maliciously assaulted my NEW knapsack sprayer - sad face.
The whisky, Gin and beer never ran out - a happy face!
Oh and the arsehole who knew where I hide the key and went poaching on our place (gold not animals) in our absence left his glasses behind. They arent to my prescription but never mind I will keep them as fair payment for breaking and entering.


Well who ever that was was certainly puttin there life at risk…
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their underpants…
Glad the Whisky Gin and beer didnt run out!
Like to see a pic of Priscilla of the Tussocks.

Hi there all the same.


Priscilla of the Tussocks just for you.