Gold prospecting in Taranaki?

Just about finished building a Gold Sluice, going to play around in some of the streams coming of the Kaitaki Ranges. Also I read somewhere that there as been small amounts of Gold found in a stream very close to New Plymouth.
I guess I may well be dreaming but in January next I will have all the time in the world to rat around local streams.
Any thoughts

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I will leave this here:

There was gold found in Taranaki, but never in payable quantities … I will have a look in my bible and see what it has to say about the region and report back.


Hi Darren, will check these sites, Have been up to the Boars Head Mine, will go back a bit more organized and see what we can see.
Thanks you your reply.

hi Rolo,did you know there are
platinum nugets around

Hi Mat, never heard of them, would like to know more.

hi Roger.there is ment to a couple of
creeks around poipoi with them in.
a old chap use to down each year and
did quite well but has since passed on.
as i intend to have alook my self this
year as i gather info before i come

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I remember back in the 1980’s visiting the New Plymouth library and researching gold in Taranaki. In one of the old fossicking books it mentioned gold had been found on the Huatoki stream but did not mention where.

Although National Park now around Mt Taranaki I have often wondered whether some of the larger streams coming off the older volcanoes (Kaitake and Pouakai) might cut deep enough into the rock to erode some of the minerals which may have been deposited. Typically andesite volcanoes develop porphyry type mineralisation under neath them. Copper was found around Paritutu and the sugar loaf islands in New Plymouth

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I’d be interested in finding out more if there is any info on the platuinum near Pio Pio as will be in Hamilton and New Plymouth in January.

hi this is out of the mineral deposits of nz
1939 1940 platinum ocurs in minute amounts in
gravels near the head waters of Awakino river.
cheers matt

Hi Matt,
Have been up there Fly Fishing, now have another reason to go.
Thanks for the tip.

hi Rodger what is the fishing like rainbows i presume
might see you up there i am in tokoroa

“In the North Island, detrital PGM were reported in the headwaters of the Awakino River (Henderson and Ongley,1923). The locality is uncertain and no assay was given, but the source of the PGM is possibly a small lens of serpentinite at Piopio.”

Hi Mudwiggle, Thanks for the reading material.
Will advise out come of a trip up there is Summer, I assume a Metal Detector is used ti locate this material?


Hi Mat you can fish the Awakino Gorge for some fun, fish not worth keeping (very muddy) Slightly further north is the Gribon Road, about 2 kms up there is a parking bay. Good area water is Gin Clear and good fun fishing 2-3 lb, nice fishing. Slightly further north at the base on the Mahoenui Hill, (see Top Maps ) used to be able to park in the school grounds, the school was closed and now in private hands. Park on road side, 6 hours return will get you fishing in Native Bush for a short while until you can get no further. Clear as water again 2-3 lb fish tasting sweet.
Good Fishing Roger

Hi roll I was born in Varanasi my parents emigrated but came back to uk after 3 years I’m 40 now and have New Zealand passport I’m moving back to the area soon for the purpose of gold mining I have some very good information about hot spots around that region. My dad found quite a lot there 40 years agonizing have maps no one has ever seen I had the idea to try find a partner for mining I have money to invest and a wealth of unknown information I always wanted to do this but the time is right now I was also looking into purchasing a claim in the area if you might be interested in speaking further about this please get in touch as it sounds like your already on the ground running the sort of operation I was looking at to start with I’m. 100% sterilize so if you think it would be worth a chat please get back in touch as I’m planning to relocate just after Christmas its up to you maybe we both have something to offer that could work out well thanks Craig and I’m not messing around its first time I’ve ever been on this site and saw your taranaki heading obviously I have solid proof where to go just think this would be a nice fit you never know we could end up pARTNERS chance meeting laters

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Hey I am in Taranaki and wounding if your still here and still digging around the place? Would love to go on a mission if anyone is keen?