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Gold Price page not working

Hi Gavin
Just to let you know that the forums gold price link has gone awol again. (well it has for me anyway.

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Bugger, not again. Thanks for letting me know - I’ll chase down the info provider to see if they can fix again.

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I was using charts supplied by but unfortunately that site no longer seems to exist. They guy running the site was providing it as a free service and wasn’t making any money through it so has probably got fed up maintaining it and pulled the plug.

I’ll email him and see if I get a response. Will start looking for other services that might provide the same info. Unfortunately most I discovered were USD only and didn’t have gram amount options (which I like to check).

Try this - I am not too good at this cut and paste as is evident by the fact that I sent some inoccent poor bastard a naughty photo a while ago so hopefully this is the correct site and not a porn site!

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Hey here’s another which I’ve been looking at since it stopped!

Maybe useful may not
Regards David

Thanks for the alternative options guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Though, no worries - contacted the site owner and he got things up and running again for us. Apparently one of his servers died and he was slowly getting around to restoring services. Bumped it up on the priority list as I’d asked about it. Good natured Canadian that he is :slight_smile: