Gold permit/Claim wanted

Hi there first time on this site been told about buy a m8 I’m a keen 30 year old that’s been in the gold game fora while as a hobbiest and have saved 20k to look fora claim to work dredging
for myself as a semi full-time job if any could help or input sum thoughts on the subject cheers I always watch trademe but if there’s any on this forum that may be able to help I don’t mind buying in shares to a permit if any offers

hi there, 20k gets u your own claim, plenty of good unclaimed rivers out there , its not a reliable income , but a good honest days work and in the words of Zek Tenoff its the hardest easy money youll ever make

I would not know were to start how do I find out where land is claimable Is and then wot if someone owns the land round the spot how do I go bout finding all the info I need besides nz pam cuz not very understandable to me cheers

well the first thing you need to do is check the gold history of the place u intend to mine, I pressume your thinking dredging ? check theres enough gold in the river to warrant claiming it, talk to the locals , approach the surrounding landowners and make sure you have, gold an acsess agreement , also tracks and river flows , bedrock , campsites , secure safe places to leave gear , theres lots to consider when choosing a claim, do you need to fly gear in or can you get it there by 4x4 , when you have somewhere that ticks all the boxs, I recommend you talk to Vivienne Bull , she will help you with the application process , where u from?

Nelson so every now and there go up the Howard so if it’s not national park can it b claimed??

Im not really the person to ask, im thinking national parks not a good place to start , because there are only so many dredgable days in a season , dont go to far from your home, keep costs down, and dont go into it thinking youll get rich, do it because you want to have fun and get some gold

Sent you a PM Goldn …