Gold Pan Rip Off - Buyer Beware

Hi Everyone my names Glen. With gold going up in price I decided to buy a gold pan from the online world called Trade-me.
When it arrived I opened it and noticed it was made of plastic. The packing was intact could someone have stolen it and swapped it like back in the wild west?
They should not sell gold pans if they are not made from plastic. Im going to ask for my money back.
Has anyone else come across this problem?


Lol, I just checked mine and I’ve got the same problem!

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How can people let them away with this. This is obviously not an isolated problem.

I have asked for a refund. Since Gold has gone up over the last week do you think I will get a bigger refund?

you can still buy steel pans here on the coast as well as plastic. I personally prefer the plastic, I do have both

I dont invest in steel though only gold

im with you Keith black plastic my favourite , I can see the gold better , and if you turn it upside down put it on your head and squint you actually look like a Chinese goldminer , handy if doc busts you , solly I no speak engrish


the advantage of steel is you can use it as a wok. not to good for panning afterwards though.


many a times ive done my dishes in a gold pan


Ferk we have been sucked in big time, ours are different colours as well

Well come on you wingers lets see some pic,s of the fancy multi-coloured gold pans …any pink ones ? :joy:

You guys must be bored…go out & find some gold.:joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


gold mining these days is like sex. im into oral sex just talk about it.


Christchurch Metal Spinners manufacture steel pans. They are often on TM for about $30. I bought one a few months ago to sit in my man cave that’s full of old mining bits and pieces I have collected over the years. With a thin layer of rust over it now it looks like the real deal. Still prefer the black plastic ones though but that could be my old eyes! lol


I think you should all read Glen’s original post a bit better, more about the pan not being made of gold as advertised less about the plastic😂 I think JW and Gavin seem to have spotted it. On a side note the shipping on an actual gold pan would be high, how much would it weigh, would also be hard panning all day!


The thread author seems surprised that it is plastic then says that they should not sell them unless they are plastic…or am l confused, confused, confused. In any case l swore black and blue that l would only ever use a steel pan…but then you get older and the plastic pans are nice and light. I think that the black high density plastic ones are pretty good. If l wasnt retired from gold mining due to health issues l would buy a lifetime supply.


bit like the $20 1oz gold ingots on tardme the price is a dead give away the pans a fake and not solid gold lol.
apart from fine gold vs a well worn /scratch pan the plastic ones are the way to go, forget a pottle and leave a steel pan at the dredge with a few grams in it a night or 2 and ya come back to a rusty suprise. not to mention most new pans have an oil coating thats a bitch if you didnt realise before you use it!!

Man thats gay - the only pink thing I like is the flesh of the oyster. My daughters friend came to my place hunting - with a fucking pink rifle! Now thats a real shocker!


I hope your daughters friend was female and not a soyboy!! Then again a soyboy would be scared of guns and seek a safe space so easy to work that one out.

whats with all the weirdo shapes gold pans come nowdays? Any actual benefit or just a gimmick and re invent the wheel type thing?

cant beat the black ones I recon. tried a green one and could hardly see the gold. and same with steel ones. could be partly due to being an oldish ol bugger with not as good eyesight as I had 20 years ago to.

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