Gold on the west coast where is it?

I am moving to the west coast, between Greymouth and Westport and would like to take up searching for gold by any means possible, complete newbie, but i am keen and do not mind to invest in a bit of equipment, time i do have.

What can any one to suggest to get started from equipment, clothing tools etc, i will have a 4x4, happy to travel a bit and set up camp for days at a time if need be.

Will have a good base to work from, might even combine a bit of hunting or fishing on the side, so all is not lost so to speak if i can not find that nugget .

Happy to listen to all ideas and suggestions, .

Not wanting to trend on any one toes or steal any ones spot, happy to meet up with like minded people and maybe down the road a small claim, if affordable.

Just need the right advice so i will not make so many mistakes in the beginning…

What is the best metal detector to get as a beginner? Something easy to use and accurate would be good.

Just through in your 2 cents worth i know that there is a hell of a lot to learn and every thing i learn from the old pros would be appreciated .


A detector can come handy, but only if there are large enough nuggets there.
My advice is learn to pan. This is the secret, get the right technique, because most people lose so much gold by not being able to pan correctly. Then get a sluice box, because you have to run through as much dirt as possible.
As for location, that I am not prepared to say on the forum, but if you email me and give me your phone number i would be happy enough to give you some places to look. Reason is that I am in Australia, so it won’t bother me none.

Cheers and good luck.


Sorry I didn’t give you my email address, it is


Dreams are free. If you want the real deal, get hold of me when you are actually down here on the Coast

hay have a look at sum my vids and give me a email if you wont

Police probably monitor this site.
I’ve heard of a man that fills the back of his ute with sand from a secret location, then processes it in his garage! Naughty, naughty!

Thanks i will take you up on that offer in due course, and look forward to the real deal, some dreams are free others cost a fortune.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your advice and i will contact you, appreciate the help.


will I have found the place to go in the south island. denniston its a 20 min drive (30km) from home just got back from a couple of hours with a gram just using a pan might have to go back in the morning

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I wanted to do a few test pans on that stream that runs down by the bottom of the incline there last time I was over but left pan at home that day must take it next time ha ha

thats conns creek. yes there is gold in there just not much. better of up the top heading towards the macley