Gold on Stewart Island

I’m just about to hit Stewart Island for a tramp and was wondering if there’s any stories of gold from there anyone knows of?

Found a mention on Papers Past about some being worked on the north-west of the island in days gone by -

Any other areas worked that people have heard about?

Also a mention here of gold on Stewart Island:

Papers past is probably going to be your best friend. I spent a bit of time looking up info on my claim. If you mix the words up when you search it sometime will bring up different info.
Stewart island gold, gold Stewart island
If found a ton of info that is not in any books that we ever published.


Tin mines around port pegasus, reports of gold there…


Gold-mining has its own, albeit brief, place in Stewart Island/Rakiura history, following the discovery of gold at Port William/Potirepo in 1866. The discovery caused much excitement and a rush of prospecting to the north and west of Port William/Potirepo occurred, along with mining activity on other parts of the Island, most notably at Port Pegasus/Pikihatiti. The rush was short-lived other than at the Port Pegasus field and mining on Stewart Island/Rakiura never progressed beyond prospecting.

I hope you have some luck.
It’s a beautiful place regardless, I also want to visit Stewart Island one day.

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More from Papers Past:

The flight from Invercargill to Stewart Island only allows 15kg baggage allowance so might be a bit touch and go whether I can take the detector along with food for 3 days. Fingers crossed! I’m sure I’ll find some way to have a scratch around regardless.

Then again, I guess it’s illegal, so maybe not :wink:

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Hey Gavin, I have some old maps of the locations of gold Bering reefs that are in stweart island. I’m pretty sure a lot of the gold is fine. What dates are you down there?

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you probably got a better chance of getting the clap in a nunnery. Go fishing for the day will be way more productive.


Sorry mate, been and gone long ago!

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Oh haha! How did it go Gavin?!

Awesome tramping, but baggage allowance on flight from Invercargill to Stewart Island meant I didn’t have enough left over to take the detector.

Thats why there is a ferry and another to get near where you need to be… cryptic i know, however easily worked out for someone with 1/2 a brain!

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Hey Harry could you add me on Facebook . Tony keenan. I live in invercargil now moved down from Christchurch