Gold n Silver at last

It has been some time since I found Gold. Today I hunted a beach that had a lot of sand movement where I found a 9ct signet ring and a Silver Fruit Knife made by Thomas Marples in 1910 according to the hallmarks on the blade.



Brilliant, all awesome find’s, you’ll be stoked!

thats great! Ive been looking for gold for a while as well, I have been in a drought!

Great finds there Chris. Congrats and GL.

Little bit of everything - love hunts like that.

Knife is a beaut.

love that knife,can you get the blade out will display well

Yes I can Roy.

Might have been in the sand for 100 years so not in bad nik I reckon.



thats a gem all hand engraved

Very nice finds there. :ring: